You get major bragging rights if you were able to name all of the regions featured in our Instagram “Guess the Region” Italian Holiday card game. Here are the answers. For any regions you love and want to follow, click on the image or the region name right below the image to go to the regional profile page and save to your favorites.  You’ll be a part of that regional community, and we’ll keep you posted on news, events, and fun stuff in those parts of Italy.

If you have not walked the streets of beautiful Milan, gazed upon the duomo there, or tasted a glass of Franciacorta wine, it might be said you have not lived.  Plenty to do in Lombardy if you’re also more of the outdoors type.  This place kinda has it all, if we do say so ourselves. 

The isle of cannoli and abundant legend… and a lot of it’s true.  We cribbed the famous line from the Godfather from this post… hope you enjoyed it.  

At the toe of the boot lies Calabria, with beautiful Santa Maria dell’Isola Monestary perched on a hill, right at the tip of Tropea.  A site to behold. You belong here!  

Speaking of things perched at the tip of hills… wow!!  Imagine the cardio workout you get walking to Castello Roccascalegna in beautiful Abruzzo!  We love this region’s wild terrain, where surely every day is “leg day”…

The beauty of the Trulli houses in Alberbello, Puglia is not to be missed.  The only thing more legendary in Puglia might be the amazing breads… or the coastline. Or the wine. Or the breathtaking city of Lecce.  To quote Liz Lemon… We want to go to there. Again. And again. And again.

If you think these towns sound French, well, that’s because the Italian region of Valle D’Aosta is right at the border of France.  For those who secretly harbor an inner Francophile… it’s okay, we get it.  This region would be heaven for you.

We can’t stop gushing over Le Marche region… this place has it all.  Beaches, mountains, amazing food, friendly people… maybe more affordable real estate that its popular neighbors, hmmm??? This region has been on the radar a lot in recent years… we see why.

We hope for your sake that you have, at least once in your lifetime, awakened in Florence to the sound of church bells in the distance.  It is just mandatory for your well-being.  Tuscany is popular, we know… and its reputation is 110% earned.

City of Turin.  Mountains.  Amazing wines. If you haven’t met it yet, Piemonte is the triple threat you’re going to want to befriend.  2021 could be your year… let’s hope! 

This tiny central region… my goodness… What a pearl.  We don’t like to play favorites, but Assisi, home to the Basilica of Saint Francis… and the other towns of Umbria… well.  Let’s just say, it’s somewhere on that “best of” list for us.  Toward the top…  

This region, che bella isola.  Hard to depict it any other way other than gorgeous blue green sea and beaches for miles.  In the doldrums of winter you inhabit our dreams, sweet Sardegna!

Is there any city that sparks the imagination quite like Venice?  We think not.  It’s like a breathtaking drama unfolding.  The charming region that is its home?  Veneto.

Okay, so everyone knows Rome!  But do you know Lazio, the region where it’s located?  No?  Well, please stay tuned because in 2021 we will be covering lots and lots about this lovely little region.  And yes, we’ll get to Rome, we know, you love Rome!! 

Benevento Calcio fans… this one’s for you!  Super in the weeds we know but we think the witch icon on this soccer team’s uniform is… pretty cool. There’s a host of references we could have made on this post, from bustling Naples to the sublime Amalfi Coast… all in Campania.  But the connection to Befana on l’Epifania could not be resisted!!!