Membership Portal Explained

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Our Approach

Our site is for Italy lovers, pure and simple.  We also recognize that people may be at different stages in their Italian love affair, with some in the admiration phase and some looking to go, well, you know… much further (wink wink). And we think that calls for two different types of content.  One is all about expressions of admiration, interest, and fun (see the home page and subscribe to our social media channels linked below right to jump in on this). The other enables evaluation, comparison, organizing, planning, and execution on an adventure. Along with that second more “actionable” type of content, we want to help people looking to pursue an adventure in Italy connect to community and to resources they’d need to realize their own personal adventure in Italy.

What it Is

Read about Italy all you want on our site.  When you want to get down to brass tacks and start planning, researching, or executing on an adventure in Italy, please consider membership. Our member portal will give you access to three unique components: 

1. A crowd-sourced database that offers “actionable” content on Italy.  What do we mean by actionable?  Well, we create town groupings based on proximity to one another or by related characteristics, so you can get to know Italy–especially its lesser known places–in a whole new way. We store data on facts and features about these places, as well as rankings about them that help you to evaluate them by characteristics that matter to you. And we connect you to local resources that help you on your journey in Italy.

2. A personalized experience of Italy. All that data we just mentioned can be saved on your dashboard, where you can build your own little corner of Italy.  In the meantime, business members can post profiles on the places they serve.  This makes it easier for people wanting to explore adventures in Italy to accomplish what they came for, and it’s good for businesses as well. It’s win win.

3. A virtual community. We bring together foreign investors in Italy and others wanting to pursue a journey there, with people who already know the place well, and offer services to help people on their adventures.

Sound Cool?

It is cool!  But don’t take our word for it.  Register today.  Membership is totally free to all through December 31, 2022.  So you may as well try it out, you have nothing to lose and so much Italy to gain! 🙂