Dolomites Inspiration

“My memories of any part of Italy

are always scattered bits in a whirlwind of activity. Once for a week when I was 18. (Some beautiful boyfriends around the same time (-;) and just this past February on a ski safari in the Alps. My cell service was not functioning and as we went place to place each day I was disoriented. We started in the town of Kastleruth (in Italian, Castelrotto) and traveled from there. It really was stunning, the food and the people amazing. I would love to one day go back and explore at a slower place.

My all-time favorite place was the Fuchiade Refugio.”

-Michele Neel, MyBelPaese community member

Michele’s Ski Safari Itinerary


(developed and led by Inspired Italy)

DAY 1: Castelrotto (Kastelruth)

La Parrocchia di Castelrotto historical site

Dinner – Lampl Stube

Hotel Cavallino d’Oro B&B



DAY 2: Castelrotto – Compatsch

Seiser Alm Ronda

Alpe di Siusi

Seiser Alm Bahn

Rifugio Zallinger

Hotel Cavallino



DAY 3: Nova Levante

The Ochsenhutte for coffee

Golf Club Carezza

San Giovanni di Fassa

Rifugio Baita Cuz in San Giovanni di Fassa


DAY 4: San Giovanni di Fassa

Rifugio in San Giovanni di Fassa

DAY 5: Soraga


Falcade (lunch)

Pie Falcade

Soraga Rifiugio Fuchiade


DAY 6: Alleghe

Val di Zoldo

Lunch in Alleghe – Chalet Col dei Baldi

Colle Santa Lucia Rifugio Averau (Cortina d’Ampezzo)


DAY 7: Colle Santa Lucia

Coritina d.Ampezzo

Val Badia

Selva di Val Gardena

Santa Cristina Gherdëina


Hotel Cavellino d’Oro

Members, you can access a version of Michele’s itinerary here that you can add to your favorites and it will be saved on your MyItaly dashboard. 

If Michele’s photos inspire you to dream a little about your next Italy adventure, click here to share what you’re thinking about. They say writing down goals is an important step in moving them forward. Kind thanks to Michele Neel for sharing this post.

Feature image: Dolomiti mountains

Other images top to bottom, right to left: Falcade; San Giovanni di Fassa (2); Alpe di Siusi-Seiser Alm Bahn; Colle Santa Lucia; choosing a wine at Soraga; a toast at San Giovanni di Fassa; Soraga (3); San Giovanni di Fassa; Alleghe; La parrocchia di Castelrotto; Soraga. Photos credited to Michele Neel.


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