Silent Beauty: The Italian Alps

photos by Marek Piwnicki

“I was looking at the map…”

“…and searched for popular places… and I said, OK, I’m definitely not going there…I will be drowning in crowds. So I put my finger on the map quite randomly in the Alps, and that was it… random place in Lombardia. 

“Fortunately one of the keepers of the mountain shelter was so kind that he even opened it specially for me (because it was off season), so I had a place to stay. It is called Rifugio Ca’ Runcasch. I bought tickets, packed myself and flew.”

Rifugio Roberto Bignami, Lanzada, Province of Sondrio, Lombardia

“I’ve been in the Alps many times during my childhood…”

“… and as an adult I made a road trip to Austria and Switzerland two years ago. The problem–actually it is not a problem–is that there are too many places and mountains to visit. So I was exploring other parts of the world…”

Alpe Gera Dam, Sondrio

“This place in Lombardia I’ve seen is just magical…”

“… I love it. I will be coming back there one day for sure.”

Marek’s photos are from a trip to Rifugio Ca’ Runcasch, in Lanzada, Sondrio, Lombardia, taken in 2020. All quotes included here are also from him.

Marek shares his work generously and for free on Unsplash.  If you like his work, you can show appreciation with a small donation via paypal to

We have also featured Marek on our regional profile page of Lombardia. Add it to your favorites to follow along with what’s happening in that region.  If art is an important part of what defines your love for Italy, please follow our Arts page to keep up with artists whose works are inspired by Italy. If you have a visual story you’d like to tell, please Contact Us.



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