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Region: Toscana
Province: Siena
Size of Population: teeny tiny town (fewer than 1000 residents)
Population Density: extremely sparse (fewer than 100 ppl per km2)

Radicondoli is a tiny Tuscan town loaded with potential for development, thanks to several innovative growth initiatives. Check out the town’s website and its Youtube channel, and of course, click on articles below to learn more about this unique little corner of Tuscany.  You might want to think about checking it out before the word gets out!

About Radicondoli, the town’s mayor, Francesco Guarguaglini  has this to say: “anyone who has experienced the warmth and sense of welcome of our places knows how high the quality of life is.  Not only for the spontaneous relationships you can discover in restaurants, shops and streets of the two villages, but also for the architectural beauty of the villages, the works of art in the numerous churches, and above all the landscape and of the countryside, still not very populated and extremely welcoming. For the cultural and artistic vivacity that is breathed especially in the periods of spring, summer and early autumn, with high-level theater and music festivals, exhibitions, village festivals, literary meetings, excursions on foot, on horseback or by e-bike in beautiful paths, participatory and welcoming social life.”

Sounds pretty great to us!  For one American’s take on this town, you should also have a look at Ron Miriello’s gorgeous website dedicated to Radicondoli, his adopted Italian town of choice.  You’ll be falling in love with this Tuscan town before you know it.


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