Towns along the Viareggio–Florence railway

Lucca, Italy, one of the charming towns along this trainline. Image by Patrick Schneider via Unsplash.
These towns are connected by the Viareggio–Florence trainline.

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Train travel is a popular mode of transport in Europe. The network of connecting railways is rather vast compared to that of the United States and other countries. And as a mode of public transportation, some people find it to be a pleasant and even relaxing way to go. 

If you are looking to make Italy your home for a period, most will recommend that a car is indispensable.  However, it is not impossible to either live without a car, or, to depend on the train as a primary mode of transportation.  If this sounds up your alley, you’ll want to understand towns in Italy through the lens of how their train lines connect; after all, those are the towns form an “ecosystem” of their own for the train enthusiast.

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