Medieval Charmers: Ilene and Gary Modica’s Shortlist

Gary and Ilene Modica are experts in evaluating the liveability of Italian towns. When they were relocating to Italy, they visited 81 of them, and, wrote a book on their experiences. The towns here are included in their "shortlist" and may appeal to you too if you are looking for a charming spot with lots of medieval architecture and good access to train lines.

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Gary and Ilene are couple author team of the book “Our Italian Journey: Living our dream in Italy for one year”.  You can also follow them on their blog, where they write about their experiences in living in Italy for a year, and then relocating there permanently. Their long-term plan is to snowbird in Italy, spending a few months stateside each year in Phoenix, Arizona with the family. 

Gary and Ilene ended up falling in love with Lucca, a charming walled city in Tuscany that is highly walkable, easily accessible by train, and, loaded with charm.  If that sounds like heaven to you, you might want to check out Lucca and some of their other top picks.  Be sure to add them to your favorites to learn more as the content for these places develops, and to get notified about related articles!

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