Permesso di Soggiorno

This is key to a future life in Italy. Details on how to get the Permesso di Soggiorno document.
What is it?
It is the temporary residence document you will need if you plan to live in Italy. 
When do I get it?
Per the Italian Government website, you need to apply for it within 8 working days of being in Italy. NOTE: “working days” include Mondays through SATURDAYS.  It does not include Sundays and holidays. (By working days they really mean days the post office would be open, since that’s where you apply.)
Where do I get it?
Pick up materials at your local post office in Italy. They distribute little yellow packets called yellow kits (ask for the “kit gialla per la residenza”)

What supporting documents do I need?

You know it’s funny you ask… we’ve heard stories about people’s experiences that don’t match up perfectly with the official posts on this subject.  Word of advice #1 is overprepare / err on the side of caution; word of advice #2 is don’t be surprised or flustered if you arrive and are asked for things you might not have expected.  That said, read on for what we think you’re probably gonna need:

Documents needed for the Permesso di Soggiorno:

  • Documents needed for the Permesso di Soggiorno:

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