Day Trip: Tivoli

Rome is a city of Baroque splendor and fascinating history. And. When you want to get a little beyond it, you must visit Tivoli. It is positively otherworldly. This day trip to Tivoli allows you to organize portions of the itinerary yourself. The morning starts at Hadrian's Villa, designed as a retreat for the Roman Emperor with the same name. It is a sprawling complex that invites quiet contemplation and reflection. You'll enjoy lunch right at the foot of the Temple of the Sibyl. You can choose between spending the afternoon at Villa D’Este or Villa Gregoriana.
See Hadrian's Villa in the morning at your own pace
Enjoy lunch at the foot of the Temple of the Sibyl
Afternoon you choose beteween Villa D’Este or Villa Gregoriana at your own pace
Pick up from Rome in the morning and return to Rome early evening
This is a semi-private group day trip limited to a maximum of eight persons