We honor Agitu Ideo Gudeta, a successful entrepreneur from Ethiopia who made a life and a vibrant contribution to her community in Trentino Alto Adige region of Italy managing a successful farm, La Capra Felice (the Happy Goat), where she raised goats and made cheese.

Agitu lived and worked in the tiny commune of Frassilongo, a town of only 345 residents, near Trento.  She is described by all reports as a delightful, intelligent, innovative person who made great contributions to her community. In many ways, Agita was an agent for the type of change we want to see in the world. According to the Guardian’s report of her story, through her industriousness she grew an initial herd of 15 goats by more than ten-fold in just a few years, focusing her energies on a breed that has been on the brink of extinction in Trentino in recent history.  She settled in a region of Italy that has suffered from depopulation, overcoming many odds as an immigrant to become an important and vibrant contributor to her community. She employed environmentally friendly methods to produce her farm-to-table products.  She also hired refugees to work on the property.

Sadly, Agitu was killed last week, allegedly by a former worker over a pay dispute.  The mayor of Frassilongo, Luca Puecher, described Agitu as “a hurricane” of determination, acknowledging her death as a grave and painful loss for their town. The residents Frassilongo have come together to care for Agitu’s herd.  If you are interested in following this story, please sign in / sign up if you haven’t already (it’s free!) and add the Trentino-Alto Adige page to your favorites, where this story will reside. We will continue to follow it there, so you can too, and we will keep you informed on ways you can be supportive remotely if you are interested.