For: Information / advice on popular and lesser known places to visit around: Milan, Lake Como, Lake Maggiore; Venice, Florence, Bologna; near Rome and the Amalfi Coast; Sicily.
Details: As an Italian-American, for my whole Adult life I've longed to visit the place where my Great-Grandparents immigrated from. I have Friends in Rome that are eager for my Husband and I to visit in order that they tour us around their favorite places in Italy. I want to fully immerse myself in the whole experience, meaning, from visiting some of the lesser known gems in addition to the "touristy" sites. I want to meet the locals and forge new Friendships in Italy that continue long after I return home and will likely mean many return trips. I hope to make my first visit at least 4-6 wks and start in the Northern part (Milan, Lake Como, Lake Maggiore etc) and work my way South by way of stops in Venice, Florence, Bologna, through Rome and continue until the final destination of the Amalfi Coast and then Sicily. I know it will not be possible to see it ALL, but we hope we can create an itinerary that will cover a good portion of that over the 4-6 wks, at least until we can return and explore further!”
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