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Lots of people visit Italy.  Some go on journeys.

Hopefully everyone gets to go to Italy at some point in their lives.  It’s that special.  Some of us, well, we need more.  You might be someone who returns to Italy each year… to the same spot, or ever discovering new ones.  Or maybe you are dreaming of moving there some day, buying a house there, or retiring there (or already have…?)  Or perhaps you are fascinated by the story of your family origins somewhere in Italy.

Whatever your story, if you and Italy have got something special going on… we get you. And we believe that people who have a special relationship to Italy need a special kind of website.  A site that lets you find and build your place in Italy.  That’s what MyBelPaese’s member portal is all about.

Our member portal helps you on your Italian adventure.

MyBelPaese lets you build your own place in Italy by enabling you to collect places and details that matter only to you.  When you register as a member, you gain access to the member portal, an “all Italy all the time” environment composed of three members-only features:

1. The database

MyBelPaese’s member portal is powered by a database that helps you discover Italy through unique content types:

1. Towns and Town Groups

Are you a “middle sized city” type person? Or maybe someone who is looking to discover some of the lovely lesser known corners of Abruzzo? Maybe Italian lake towns are your thing. Through our database you can discover town groupings that have a natural relationship to each other.  From town group pages, you can access profile pages for all the towns in that group.

2. Rankings

Our rankings are especially useful to people who are thinking about moving to Italy or retiring there some day. If you are engaged in that process, or have ever thought about it, the first thing that might come to mind is “yeah, but where?” You need a way of evaluating places–potentially hundreds of places that might interest you–to home in on your special place in Italy. Collect rankings onto your dashboard by adding them to your favorites. Only care about towns close to the coastline? We’ve got a ranking for that to help you identify all the towns right on the coast. When you save towns and groups of towns to your dashboard, they will also have a section for rankings that apply to these places. This enables you to discover and explore Italy both from the perspective of specific places, and through the lens of characteristics that matter to you.

3. Facts and Features

Here’s where you get to build a little personalized experience of Italy for yourself that relates only to your passions, be it the food, the wine, the architecture, the beaches, the mountains, the fashion… whatever keeps you obsessing. Follow fact and feature categories that matter to you. They’ll appear on your dashboard where you can always access the latest content. You can also delve deeper into places that matter to you by searching our town group pages. When you find towns you like, explore their Facts and Features sections to learn more about them. Anywhere you see a Favorites button, you can click it and it will appear on your dashboard. Think of it like building your own little virtual corner of Italy.

4. Resources

Resource pages are where our business membership and individual membership connect.  Business members are invited to post a profile on up to three locations on the site.  Through this content type, we build a community between those looking to connect to Italy and those who already know it well. 

2. Your dashboard

Click the favorites button to collect your items into your personalized dashboard. This lets you build the experience of Italy that matters to you. You can favorite towns, town groups, categories of facts or rankings, or individual facts and ranking items; and resources. You’ll see the Favorites button everywhere on our site. It’s your key to creating your own special place in Italy.

3. Community

In Italy, one benefits tremendously from the wisdom of locals. Our portal is not just composed of people who want to move, retire, travel, or “do” something else of meaning in Italy. It’s also composed of Italians! Our business members are invited to post profiles on the site, and can submit answers to questions submitted by our members. They are the experts, after all! We also invite local ambassadors onto the site to share information about the places they know well. So when you submit a question in comments on the portal, you have a greater chance of getting a response from someone who really knows what they’re talking about. Plus you can start to virtually connect with a community whom you might know in person some day… pretty cool, right? Just use the comments section on any post in the portal to get the conversation started. Members can correct info, add to it, and share their perspectives. We not only share comments but will update information on portal posts as appropriate.

Membership Levels

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