Italy: Home to Dante’s Language

Photo by Folco Masi via Unsplash
We don't want to insist on saying Italian is the most beautiful language in the world, but it irrefutably ranks quite high no matter who you're asking. (And if you're asking us, well, you know how we're voting...) If you stop short anytime you hear a bit of that lovely language--the invention of Dante, a beautiful verbal ping pong of consonants and vowels set to the rhythm of poetry--you must add this page to your favorites. We will keep you posted on everything new and exciting going on in this, the language corner of our site.

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The MyBelPaese Language Corner is a collaborative series between an American learning Italian in New York City, and two Italian sisters from Ischia who work as Italian teachers and translators.  The bond of this collaboration is fortified by the warm sands of Southern Italian beaches, Sicilian Arancini (or is it Arancine?) fresh from the kitchen, the breathtaking views of the Dolomiti covered with snow, and loads and loads of espresso. 

We mix the perspectives of a person who has remotely learned Italian to a level of comfortable conversation, with the expertise of professional language teachers who are Italian native speakers, to help people get started with this beautiful language.