Be a MyBelPaese Ambassador

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MyBelPaese aims to create a virtual community of people who love Italy.  In addition to sharing articles, videos, and other content to keep people engaged in dreaming of Italy, we have created a member portal with a community composed of three member types:

  1. People who seek their own journeys in Italy – those who want to move there, retire there, travel their extensively, discover family roots
  2. Businesses in Italy or serving Italian communities, that cater to individuals on “Italian Journeys”
  3. Ambassadors to Italy. People who live in Italy or know it very well and want to share their local knowledge and expertise with others.

We want to give a big welcome to ambassadors, those with a deep connection to the bel paese, as they are the ones who can share love as well as local knowledge of the country with those wishing to explore it.  If this describes you, we invite you to serve as an ambassador on our website.

This membership level is totally free and is perfect for artists, students, non profit organizations that promote Italian culture and learning, etc. We are happy to highlight your work in exchange for your contributions and participation on the site.  We are working to get a membership level created for ambassadors, and it will be available shortly.  In the meantime, please just Contact Us if you are interested in this membership level.  

Membership Levels Explained

Not sure which membership level is right for you?  Check this out: