Italian businesses, Benvenuti!

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Italian businesses, we are so happy you found us. MyBelPaese is an online virtual network composed of three parts: 1. people seeking to connect deeply to Italy – to move there, travel extensively there, retire there, or trace family roots there; 2. Italian businesses who provide services related to these types of “journeys” into Italy; and 3. a community of local “ambassadors” who simply know Italy well and like sharing their knowledge. By providing a forum for these three groups to connect and create a virtual community, we hope we can contribute to supporting vibrant “actual” communities in Italy, including helping to revitalize some areas of Italy where population has declined in recent years.

Before you read on…

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For business members, here’s  how it works:

The main objective of MyBelPaese is to help people discover Italy on deeper levels, to explore their own journeys into Italy. We are focused on helping people to discover the parts of Italy that matter most to them. To accomplish this, we publish content about Italy on our website organized chronologically in a traditional feed; geographically by region, and thematically by “domain” of interest. MyBelPaese also maintains a member portal where registered members who live outside Italy (or living there but wishing to explore it further) can discover new places, evaluate and collect the details about Italy that matter to them; and, connect to on the ground resources, such as your businesses. As a business member, you play a vital role in this community and can participate in the following ways: 

1. Post a Profile

Once you have registered as a business member, please head over to the Submissions menu tab and submit a business profile. On this profile, you are asked to provide us with up to three “area” pages where you would like a link to your profile to appear. You can select to post your profile on a Domain or Regional page, which are public pages, or, if you wish, you can choose to post on Members Only “Town Group” pages (you need to be logged in here to see what we mean). It’s up to you and the specifics of your business’ areas of service. If you are unclear about how to post your profile, please Contact Us and we will assist you. We are happy to take your suggestions on additional towns or town groups in particular, if you would like us to create one for the community you serve. Posting your profile gives your business visibility in the exact places you serve, and makes it easier to connect with people who may be in need of the services you provide.

For more details on how to post your profile, please read the Business Profiles Explained page here.

2. Join the Conversation

Now you are all set to start participating in the MyBelPaese community!  We will keep you informed via email when questions from the community are posting that relate to your domains, regions, and towns. Use comment boxes posted throughout the site to comment on topics you know about, and answer questions from our membership about how to move to Italy, travel there, retire there, and much more. The more you interact with the community, the more visible you become.

Please Note

When you submit your business profile, we will review your submission and get in touch with any questions before posting. MyBelPaese reserves the right to edit or refrain from posting content that we deem inappropriate for the site.  However, should we find it necessary to edit the profile you submit, we will not publish it without your approval.  Your business profile stays active on the site as long as you remain an active member. Business membership with MyBelPaese is free through July 31, 2022.