Florida to Certaldo: One Man’s Journey

Ever dreamed about relocating to Italy?  If you’re reading this post there’s a decent chance the answer is “yes”.  Trouble is, well, all the.. trouble… that’s involved.  Right?  No one said that relocation to one of the most beautiful places on earth was going to be easy.  Fortunately, help is on the way.  Mike from Florida relocated to Italy to settle in Certaldo, Tuscany and pursue citizenship through his Italian roots. He’s documented his experiences with the process to make life a bit easier for anyone following in his footsteps. Thank you, Mike!

Mike’s Posts


  1. Margaret Thigpen

    Love that you are having this adventure and that you are sharing with us !

    • MikeD

      The posts are here because of the wonderful folks at mybelpaese.com.

      And glad you like them


  2. Kathy Baird

    Enjoy every wonderful, quirky, adventurous moment!!!

    • MikeD

      I absolutely am enjoying every step of the journey

  3. JudyI

    Hello Mike,
    I, too, am planning to relocate from the US to Certaldo (where I have stayed several times). Would it be possible to contact you off of this site for further discussion?


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