First Time to Italy Checklist

All you need to know to make the most of your first time in the bel paese.


Before you decide where you’re off to, think about how you want to get around, since how you travel plays a role in where you’ll be able to go. You can easily see much of Italy by train!  If you’re up for driving, it will change the options for you. An interesting third option for the adventure seeker… why not bike a a portion of your trip!!!


You’ve got a sense of how you’ll be getting around… now get a feel for where you want to be.  Did you know Italy is divided into 20 regions?  Each has its own personality… meet them here with our five minute read on that subject!


Once you’ve decided on how you’ll be getting around, and you have a general sense of where you want to be, select your itinerary.  We’ve created a few possible connected cities here based on getting around by car, by train, or by bike.


No matter where you’re off to, you’re sure to spend some time in Italy’s most popular cities on your first trip. Get the lay of the land on the ones you are looking to visit, what you’ll be looking to see and do, and what neighborhoods suit you best.


Okay, now the tedium… make sure before you book a single thing that you read over current COVID requirements and necessary documentation for boarding your flight, arriving in your destination, green pass, and all that jazz.  We’ve been pretty surprised at the number of travelers we’ve observed at the airport on recent trips who are entirely unaware that special documents and requirements are in place right now… hmmmm.   Yeah.  Ya kinda gotta check that stuff.  It’s not optional.


Now that you’re ready to book, read up on some little tips and tricks we’ve collected to help you in the process of arrival and getting settled in. 


This part is super optional, but… really fun.  Why not learn just a few words and phrases in Italian to have in your back pocket?  It’ll really help you out while you’re there and Italians love it when you speak just a little of their language!  Check out our phrase collections here!


Don’t forget to write!  Send us questions in the comments below, or, comment below to let us know how YOUR first trip went in the bel paese!  We want to hear about it!

What can we help you with to help you realize your dream in Italy?


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