A Few Words of Advice on Travel to Italy in 2021

Let’s face it, a lot of us are chomping at the bit to hop a flight now that travel restrictions have eased up some. Paula Falconer is the proprietor of the lovely and charming Villa Valentina in Cinque Terre, one of the most iconic and beloved travel destinations in the bel paese.  She gives us a few quick tips on traveling to Italy in 2021.

Q: We all know people are itching to travel after months and months of lockdowns and restrictions, especially to Italy.  In fact, travel seems so popular at the moment, we’re hearing rumors that Italy is “fully booked”…  Is it?

 A: In terms of Italy being crazy busy, I think this is an exaggeration. Some areas are busier i.e. directly in the Cinque Terre for example (note: Villa Valentina is slightly outside, in Levanto). We have our beach house there in Monterosso and it is mostly full for the season. Still, the area is about 50% in general except on weekends. The other phenomenon is, we have a LOT of day tourists, mostly Italians that swarm the beaches on the weekends then leave so after 6 pm is quiet again.

 That said, we are getting frequent requests so it wouldn’t be a bad idea for visitors with the intention of getting to Italy this summer to book soon, as the best places will always fill up the quickest.


Q: We know the summer months are, well, they are upon us.  Might be kind of hard to organize a trip right at this moment, regardless of availability.  What about the fall?

A. September is a lovely month to visit and probably the first month since lockdown that Americans will be visiting.


Q: How are things going to possibly feel different to a traveler in these “just after COVID” months?

 A. I would highly encourage your readers to travel this year, I think it’s a real opportunity to experience Italy at its absolute best, no cruise ships, fewer tourists and an all-around happy atmosphere—plus, lower rates in many cases.  Residents are so happy to have the business once again. It’s really nice on our side too (Levanto, Italy) as vacationers are so happy to be finally getting out, so super happy campers all around. We have had such wonderful guests and formed new friendships—its been pretty great.

If you’re itching to get to Cinque Terre in 2021—and who isn’t?!—you can connect with Villa Valentina on their business profile page, here.  They have the inside scoop on the area, plus some vacancies remaining on their oh-so lovely property for the summer and fall!

Members, looking to get a little more acquainted with the towns of Cinque Terre and the surrounding area? Check out the Cinque Terre town group page here.  Be sure to sign up as a member to get the full benefits of member-only content.  Good news, membership is totally free through July 31, 2022, so register today and try it out!

Camogli, Italy. Image 14338523  © Bogdan Lazar | Dreamstime.com

In a nutshell:

  • If travel is in your budget this year, don’t avoid it! 
  • Get a little off the beaten path to find lovely still-available options
  • Consider the shoulder season for beach destinations (Sept – Oct)
  • Don’t delay in booking – Italy is not “fully booked” but some spots are selling out

Featured image (top of page): Cinque Terre Point, Levanto, Italy.  Photo by Joseph Kelly via Unsplash. 


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