Business Profiles Explained

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MyBelPaese aims to create a virtual community of people who love Italy.  That community is composed of three member types:

  1. People who seek their own journeys in Italy – those who want to move there, retire there, travel their extensively, discover family roots
  2. Businesses in Italy or serving Italian communities, that cater to individuals on “Italian Journeys”
  3. Ambassadors to Italy. People who live in Italy or know it very well and want to share their local knowledge and expertise with others.

We seek to create a meaningful benefit to each of these community member types.  For business members, the main benefit of membership comes from the ability to post a business member profile, lending visibility to your business in the “exact places” where it makes sense for people to find you. That process is explained below.

Posting a Business Profile: Step by Step

Posting your profile is as easy as:


Register on the site as a business member. You will receive an email to confirm your email address.  Please do that! (You should also receive a second email confirming you are subscribed to the site.) Make sure you mark our email address as “not spam” and route emails as needed over to your primary inbox!


Once registered, you can head over to the submissions section of the site.  Please be sure you are logged in before submitting the form.


When submitting your form, you will need to write in the three places on the site where you want your profile to appear.  You can either copy the existing hyperlink of the page, or write the name of the page. If you are unclear about what this means, see examples below. Complete the rest of the form and submit it.  We will review it and get in touch with you with any questions.

We aim to post business profiles within 48 hours of submission assuming there are no issues or edits required.  Should edits be required we will contact you at the email address you submitted on your form.

Where to Post your Profile: Examples

Example 1: Business is located in Chieti, Abruzzo. This business offers architectural and redesign services for people who want to buy and renovate a house in Italy.

As a business member, this business can post a profile on up to three locations on our site (Domain, Regional, or Town Group pages). Some suggestions might be:

  • On the Domains page entitled Italy: Home to Future Me because the content posted on this page is designed for people who might want to relocate to Italy
  • On the Domains page called Sweet Spot for a Fixer Upper because the content organized on this page will attract people who are doing renovation projects
  • On the Regional page for Abruzzo
  • On a Town Group page which you can suggest and we would create, that might be something like “Chieti and surrounding towns”. (In this case, just write the town names /town grouping page you’d like created, in on your business profile, and we would contact you with questions.

Example 2: Business is an agritourism farm located near Costa degli Etruschi in Tuscany. Some suggestions for where this business might post (can select three) might be:


Still have some questions?  We answer a few common ones below.

In What Order Do These Listings Appear?


At this time, listings will appear with the first posted in that category / location appearing first. In other words, it is “first come first served” with the earliest postings appearing at the top of the page.   So get your posting in today!  

We reserve the right to revise our rules on posting order, or introduce new features to help businesses gain visibility in an equitable way into the future, as the community grows. We will inform our business membership of any changes. Our objective is to build a community that broadly benefits people relocating to, retiring to, or researching or extensively traveling in, Italy; as well as the businesses and organizations that serve them. 

Posting in Public vs. Members Only Locations

Just a reminder, Town Group pages are only viewable to members, whereas Domains and Regional pages are public. Your decision to post on public vs. “Members Only” pages are up to you, based on how you want to make use of the site.  For instance, public pages may have greater visibility, but may also attract people less focused on the specific geographic area you target as a business.  Our recommendation is that you select one Domain page, one Regional page and one Town Group page (or suggest one and we can work with you to create one).

Can I Change My Profile Locations?

For now, feel free to play around with where your business profile is displayed. We are happy to work with you – just Contact Us with any questions.